Tabitha Brown’s: 30 Days of Trying a New Thing

It seems like it was just January yesterday and now March is knocking on the door. March brings the promise of getting rid of the winter’s chill and gives us hope for warmer days. What better way to welcome a new month than with a fresh new challenge? Well, I have been inspired by Tabitha Brown’s “I Did a New Thing” book tour. I’m ready to get out of my winter routine and embark on a new 30-day adventure of trying something new each day.

 Last month I attended Tabitha Brown’s “ I Did a New Thing” book tour. I was so excited to finally see Tabitha because my mom loved her. I remember when I was going through treatment my mom would always talk about Tabitha Brown. She would send me all of her videos to cheer me up. She would even ask Tabitha to participate in my Act of Kindness challenge. Let me tell you, after seeing Ms. Tabitha Brown live I instantly felt connected to her like she was my big sis. 

Tabitha Brown has been a beacon of joy in my life and I absolutely love her. Her story is such an inspiration to me because it showed me how if God places a dream in you he will always make sure that he births it to full term. From making videos in her car, to having a clothing line in target, a cooking line, hair line and a tv show is nothing short of divine, that ain’t nothing but God child. 

As I bid this winter farewell, I’m saying hello to newness and I’m jumping into this 30 day challenge to switch up my days and infuse some excitement into my routine. I love a good 30 day challenge so I am going to commit to trying a new thing for 30 days this month. This will be a courageous way for me to motivate me to do things outside of my comfort zone. This is great because a girl needs a little spice and adventure in her life. 

I want to invite all my amazing friends to join me in this challenge. Let’s read the book together and start this new journey that will hopefully bring some great changes to our lives. There’s no better feeling than to have a community to share the fun with and I’m counting on you to make this a fun experience.

So, will you commit to reading the book with me? It’s just 30 days, and the possibilities are endless. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now that you’ve said yes, let’s make it happen, sis.

Here’s your guide to joining the challenge:

  • Purchase the book: “I Did a New Thing” by Tabitha Brown.
  • Immerse yourself in the daily themes Tabitha provides for inspiration.
  • Share your new adventures on social media using the hashtag #ididanewthing.
  • Shoot me a message and let me know how your 30 days unfold.

Let’s make this March unforgettable and fill it with the joy of embracing new experiences!