Breast Cancer Journey

Welcome To My Ted-Talk

Train the Trainer – 2024 through Momentum Education

This past February in honor of Black History month, I embarked on a journey to carve out a piece of history for myself and my legacy. As a breast cancer survivor I have a story to tell but as an advocate I have the opportunity to use my voice to effect change. The work that I do every day is important to me as a change maker. I choose to use my voice with intention to uplift my community.

Participating in the “Train the Trainer” program, through Momentum Education served as a valuable opportunity for honing my storytelling and brushing up on my public speaking abilities. This training class has been an ongoing commitment to my learning journey. In 2017, I enrolled in a few of their training courses through Momentum Education that ultimatley contributed to who I am today. Through their courses, I’ve acquired indispensable life skills that have shaped my journey, including navigating the challenges of breast cancer. I have learned so many critical life skills from these trainings. Now, I am excited to start using my voice to help others. I have been asked to speak to several audiences since my diagnosis and now I’m ready to make an impact on an even larger stage. I speak these aspirations into existence, affirming my identity as a global speaker and a phenomonal storytelling. If you have big dreams, remember to invest in them. Sometimes, realizing them demands time and dedication to self-improvement. Never shy away from investing in yourself.

If you have a few minutes today, take time to watch my video and subscribe to my youtube channel. Thank you so much for your continued support.